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There is nothing more aesthetically appealing than a Synthetic Lawn.
See why so many homeowners are installing Synthetic Grass.  
It looks and feels like natural grass without all of the negatives…only positives!


There is nothing more aesthetically appealing than a beautiful green synthetic lawn. This is why so many home owners are choosing synthetic grass to enhance the beauty of their home. It looks and feels like natural grass without the drawbacks. You can have your dream lawn, 365 days a year while saving time, money and precious resources. Eliminating the need for harmful chemicals creates a safe playground for both children and pets and is maintenance free. Be the envy of your neighborhood by going green with Sequoia Synthetic Grass.


Synthetic grass has come a long way since the first installation of Astro Turf in the 1960’s. Since the early 1990’s, the use of synthetic grass has expanded to residential and commercial landscaping.  Year after year, more home owners and businesses are realizing the benefits of synthetic grass.  They are choosing this solution over natural grass for the following reasons:

Saves Money: Cuts your household water bill by 50-70%.
No Gardener expense: For mowing, blowing, weeding, fertilizing.
No harsh chemicals: No lead, Allergen free –safe for children, pets and safe for the environment.
Saves you time: If you do your own gardening…no more mowing and blowing on your precious days off.
Always green, always perfect 365 days a year: The synthetic grass of today is barely distinguishable from natural grass with one exception…it looks green and pristine 365 days a year…with virtually no effort.
Benefits for pets: No digging, no fleas or tics, easily cleaned and more sanitary that natural grass. Ask Animal Hospitals, Veterinarian Offices and Pet Stores what they are using!
Drought water restrictions:  Will not affect your synthetic lawn.


Sequoia Synthetic Grass uses TIGER TURF, the world leader in Synthetic grass manufacturing. We don’t take any chances using substandard products but use only the best to assure your 100% satisfaction.